WS-3A Precision Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System

WS-3A Precision Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System

WS-3A precision GMLRS takes high-mobile wheeled cross-country chassis as its carrier and adopts the canister-launch technology with multiple functions of storage, transport and launch. It features long-range, high accuracy, strong firepower, quick response and convenient maintenance with a wide variety of warheads being employed. WS-3A precision GMLRS can accomplish missions in rocket battalion as the basic combat unit to attack targets in depth. It can strike 6 different targets within an area of 10 km×10 km in one salvo.

WS-3A rocket has been procured by many friendly countries as a leading GMLRS and transferred its technology to some states.


Main Features

Large Range 

High Accuracy

Strong Penetration Damage

Multiple Strikes

Quick Combat Reaction

Simple Operation and Maintenance


Technical Specifications


70-280 km


CEP≤ 50 m

Take-off Mass

1,398 kg

Length of Rocket

7,150 mm

Diameter of Rocket

Φ400 mm

Guidance Mode

SINS / GNSS based whole-course guidance

Launch Readiness Time

≤ 7 min

Weight of Warhead

200 kg

Type of Warhead

Blast-fragmentation warhead

Blast / Fragmentation cluster

Loading Quantity

6 per vehicle

Launch Mode

Vehicular canister-type oblique launch

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